Meet The Family

Carlos y Fernando De La Cruz from Santo Mexican Kitchen in London



The Santo family comes from the north of Mexico, with most of the family from Sonoroa (except Carlos who comes from Baja California and is quite proud of that fact).


They’re a gastronomic family, with their first restaurant, the Mexicali Rose, located in Aguascalientes in Central Mexico.


Chef-Patron Fernando grew up in his family’s kitchens with his first job at 13. Although he went on to study mass media, it didn’t take long for him to leave that work and come back to his passion in the kitchen.


Since then, his cooking life has landed him in kitchens around the world — Los Angeles , San Francisco, Sidney, Alicante, London and back home in Mexico.


About 15 years ago, the Santo boys started working in Guadalajara Mexico together. From a catering company and a Mexican deli, follow by a burrito joint for 4 years, the two decided to make the leap and sell everything to move to Europe.


Carlos been invited to run a Mexican bar in Battersea, which he did successfully for 6 years. At this time, Chef-Patron Fernando worked in various restaurants and ran the kitchen of Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant in Notting Hill.


Their passion to create their own project came from their own desire to bring not only the flavourful tastes of their country to London, but also to bring the culture and atmosphere they had collected along the way in their travels to a physical location which could then be explored through all the senses.


This is the Santo family and this is the Santo food — a collection of recipes representing ties from all around their country.


10/13/2014 at 5:20 pm

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